The Truman Show 




Design a 450 sqm booth injected with interaction round light


This year’s Philips Hue booth is taking inspiration from the classic film “The Truman Show”, starring Jim Carrey, from -98. A man captivated in a dome-like society, where everything was controlled from the outside. Likewise, the visitor can control everything from the outside in the booth.

“What would a world look like if we ran out of sunlight?” Amanda Ames, Creative Director for Ames Studio who has designed the stand for Philips Hue, asked herself during the early planning of the exhibition. “How can architecture and light become one and create new interesting & indulging space?”

By pushing the idea of how light can outline our infrastructure outside our home, we can expand our mind regarding creativity in our home. “We wanted to encapsulate our village with a roof structure that could change light settings after our needs – asking us the question, could this be a possible scenario in the future?” says Amanda Ames.

This exhibition promote the visitors thinking regarding the future they want to live in and how our wellbeing should be in the centre of that thinking. It is a utopian scenario where energy is constant and your circadian rhythm is at ease – by your control.

The Truman Show was exhibited at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 on the 4-8th of February, a 450 sqm light experience. Size of work 450 sqm Material: MDF and Pine Tree structure Vertical Garden produced by Greenworks Estimate weight 30 ton. Cradle to cradle concept, which means that the after life of the booth is divided into smaller booths ( like a lego system) to be able to present else where after the show and to prevent waste material.