Dec 10, 2021

Volyn – Vorskla.Sergey Digalevich’s forecast

“Volyn – Vorskla”

In my opinion, even in the middle of this season, it was clear that Volyn had no chance of retaining their registration in the Pari-Match League.The ban on transfers has hit hard on the club’s ambitions, forcing the whole season to play with their pets.In Vorskla, on the contrary, the situation is better.Before the start of the season, Poltava made several successful transfers, which made Vorskla more powerful.The main defender and the only legionnaire in the team, Mikha Goropevshek, will not take part in this match in Lutsk either, who will be a strong blow to the defense of Volynians.If we compare the level and skill of the teams, then here is a huge advantage on the side of “Vorskla”.

Ordinary: Win

+733 ₴

19: 00/5 May

Volyn – Vorskla