The Light House


Stockholm Design Week


Design a gateway between Stockholm City centre and the DesignWeek.


Alongside Stockholm Design Week we created a platform that would communicate a 360 degree information experience. Pushing the content of the Design Week towards becoming an interactive digital portal, and also opening a dialogue on how light and information will work in the future.

We started approaching the brief with the need to create a public space that worked as an open invitation. Design Weeks around the world have often two audiences, the public eye and the inner circle.  Here we wanted to welcome everyone to take part in the week and all its happenings, but also step into a space that invited interaction and enlightenment.

4 LED TV doors  transported the visitor to different locations during the week.

One door would be a gate to see Swedish light phenomenons in the north, another would be the location of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, a 3rd a showroom and so forth. By playing with perspective we could extend the space with no limit.

With the lighting aspect, visitors were able to see a synthesised sunrise in the morning for the commuters, take an energised break during lunch hour, where we focussed on colours that activate you. See a heartbeat pulsing in the afternoon, an evening sunset, a northern light and finally a nightfall to then repeat the whole schedule.

The Light House also contained a large mirror wall to reflect the light and the skeleton, making it twice as big, and also paint a picture of a typical technique used when designing objects.