Oct 20, 2016

Light & Design Summit

The Light & Design Summit 

We were privileged to get to act as moderator at this years Light & Design Summit at the annual electricity and light fair in Stockholm. The mission of the day was to share the great work by light designers, architects, scientists and showing us the future of light and products.

The day started with Swedish designer duo Olsson & Linder, a creative team that uses light not only as an emotional tool, but that as an act of an improved society. By inviting local communities, often from troubled areas, they create a light project together that gets everyone involved and lights up neglected spaces. Their work relates allot around the subject “love”, wanting to remind participants, councils and others involved, that one needs to put “love” into the project from the start.

We continued the morning with 3 representatives from the institution – Belysningsbranschen, who talked about how private housings for elderly is involving light designers in the early building process. By using light as a guidance in their homes they can easier live their everyday life and use it as a support.

The day continued with Monica Säter – a light scientist, Italian Buzzi & Buzzi talking about how using the right material in your light products, and we finished off with VR Sverige, a virtual reality company that showed us the VR-tool and how one can use it for the design industry.